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Meet Dr. Megan R. Murray

Megan R. Murray, DDS

Dentistry is more than just cleaning teeth and doing fillings. It is an ever-changing science and art form that allows me to do the two things I love: help people and work with my hands. It can truly be a life-changing experience for many people and I am privileged to be a part of it. I have the great opportunity to meet people and become a little part of their lives as we work together to improve the health and appearance of their smile.

My own orthodontic experience shaped my view of the dental profession and led me to pursue dentistry as a career. After six years in braces, I underwent a huge transformation, both physically and emotionally. That experience changed me and instilled in me the confidence to be who I am today.

Education and Continuing Education

I participate in continuing education to improve my knowledge and skills, benefiting my patients because they can be confident that they are being treated by a dentist who has the latest knowledge and technology. I have taken courses through the Dawson Academy and completed training in orthodontics, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and pediatric dentistry.

Professional Memberships

Our Team

Our team members are all well educated in the dental field and have many years of experience. They perform their jobs exceptionally well and I can count on them putting forth 100 percent every day. All of our staff members are friendly individuals and a lot of fun to be around. It makes the day go by pleasantly and quickly when you enjoy whom you work with.

In the Community

I am passionate about helping underserved populations, especially children, receive the dental care they need. I also enjoy giving oral health presentations to all ages but especially like to present at schools and assisted living/nursing homes. I work hard to educate my patients on the importance of oral health and help them achieve optimum oral health through nutrition and oral hygiene counseling in addition to restorative and preventive services I can perform for them.

Outside the Office

My husband and partner, Ryan, and I moved to Louisville in 2010 and were blessed with the arrival of our first child, Avery in 2011 and another daughter, Charlotte in 2013. I love being a mom and having children has really been amazing for us. When I have free time I enjoy staying active by jogging, hiking, and traveling. We moved to Colorado for all the outdoor activities it has to offer. We have made some great friends and look forward to continuing to be involved in the community and exploring all Colorado has to offer!

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